Is eating while walking the same as eating while standing?

Bismillahi wal hamdu lillah was salaatu was salaamu ‘alaa rasolilahi

Ammaa ba’d:

I was recently asked about this issue and promised I would look into its authenticity and came across this benefit and thought I would share it.

Is eating walking the same as eating standing?

Imaam Al Albaani mentions under the following hadeeth in ‘Silsilatul Ahaadeethis Saheehah’:

3178 – “We used to drink while we were standing and eat while we were walking during the time of the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi was salam)

(Collected by Ibn Abi Shaiba (8/205/3170) upon the authority of Ibn Umar)

After discussing its chains of narration and authentication the hadeeth he mentions:

“..And in the hadeeth there is an important benefit, and that is the permissibility of eating while walking, (a ruling) which differs from drinking while standing for indeed it is prohibited, as is established in Saheeh Muslim and elsewhere. The collection and discussion of something of that has occurred in volume one (number 177) and there I discussed the difference of opinion of the scholars concerning its ruling and I concluded the most correct position is that it is impermissible (Haraam). That is due to his (Sallallahu alaihi was Salam) strong prohibition against drinking while standing among other supporting factors so return to It (i.e. the stated reference).”

(Silsilatul Ahaadeeth As Saheehah vol 7 (part 1) p 542)

This is a clear text in the issue

Thus the Shaikh concludes that as far as the eating while standing issue then that remains the same but as far as walking is concerned then the text indicates its ruling differs

Wallahu A’lam

Was Sallallahu ‘Alaa Nabiyinaa Muhammad

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