The Hadeeth ‘..His portion of Jannah will be two thousand years journey..’

Bismillahi Wal Hamdullillah Was Salaatu Was Salaamu ‘Alaa Rasoolillah

Ammaa Ba’d:

Immamut Tirmidhi said It was Narrated to us from Abd Ibn Humaid who said I was informed by shabaabah upon the authority of Israa’eel upon the authority of Thuwair who said I heard Ibn Umar say: The Messenger of Allah – Sallallahu Alaihi Was Salam Said:

Indeed the least of the people in Janah in station is one who will look at his (portion of) paradise and his wives and his blessing and his servants and his beds (and thrones) and they will cover the distance of one thousand years journey and the most noble of them in station is the one who looks at his (Allah) face every morning and evening then the Messenger of Allah recited the statement of Allah “Faces on that day will be bright and illuminated looking at their lord

Dha’eef (Weak)

Collected by At Tirmidhi (2553 & 3330) He (At Tirmidhi) said: “It is Ghareeb (Lit: Strange, referring here to the fact that it only has one chain of transmission)

The Hadeeth was also collected by Immam Ahmad in his Musnad (2/64/5317) and Abd Ibn Humaid in his Musnad (819) and Al Haafidh Ibn Hajr said in ‘Fathul Baari’ (2/34) “In its chain there is weakness

In his book ‘Ithaaful Khairatil Maharah’ (8/89) Al Haafidh Ibn Hajr mentions a version that mentions ..”two thousand years..” and concludes by saying “It was collected by Abu Ya’laa and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and Sa’eed Ibn Mansoor and in it (ie in its chain of transmission) is Thuwair Ibn Faakhitah and he is weak. It occurs in Tirmidhi with the wording “ thousand years”

Al Manaawi mention “They (ie the scholars of hadeeth) are united upon him being a weak narrator

Al Aini mentions in Umdatul Qaari (36/94): “This is Da’eef Jiddan (very weak) and large group (of the scholars of hadeeth) have spoken concerning it

Shaikh Al Albaani mentions in Silsilatul ahaadeeth Ad dha’eefah (1985): “Da’eef” he further states “the hadeeth is not authentic attributed to the messenger or as a narration of one the companions

He likewise declares it ‘Weak’ in Da’eeful Jaami’ (3305 and 3306)

Wallahu A’lam


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