Remain calm Oh Believer! Allah will suffice him!

Bismillahi Wal Hamdullillah Was Salaatu Was Salaamu ‘Alaa Rasoolillah

Amma Ba’d:

After the recent atrocities that we have all witnessed in France, the believer may be receiving mixed and confusing messages.

We hear condemnation of the acts of the extreme, and upon this we all agree, yet we see the manifestation of what will undoubtedly be considered incitement of the extreme natures of these criminals

The believer is called to mutual respect and tolerance yet doesn’t feel respected.

We are told ‘we know it is just a warped minority’ and yet we see what (almost) every believer would consider dishonour and disrespect of what he or she considers his very essence, as opposed to ridiculing the culprits alone as it is claimed.

To the extent the believer feels various peer pressures upon him to denounce or at least feel apologetic for the core fundamentals of his belief and creed, from that revering the prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings be upon him.

It is sad that the Muslim is now made to feel pathetic, extreme and unintelligent if he or she doesn’t happily accept that the most beloved person to them in this world, the prophet of Allah and the source of their belief, joy and tranquillity is portrayed as an ugly, decrepit, feeble, psychotic looking individual usually involved in some act of perversion. Surely community cohesion revolves around our consideration of the sensitivities of others whether we agree with and understand those sensitivities or not. Does our freedom of speech have no boundaries? Is there no stage in which we feel that at least morally and ethically we need to have a sense of responsibility especially when our actions may threaten public security? When we have pockets of ignorant khawaarij ready to spill blood?

So even though we see others apparently showing us disrespect, we do not meet like with like. We have the beautiful example of our noble Messenger Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi was Salam in being patient upon mockery and ridicule during his lifetime to follow. Not to mention the many verses wherein Allah consoles his Prophet in relation to the ridicule he received.

We therefore call to calm and to manifest noble character and to reflection upon Allahs verses. And know, that though we may feel offended, we do not become vigilantes rather we remain calm in that knowledge that Allah is sufficient for him!

The statement of AllahIndeed we shall suffice you against those who scoff” {Suratul Hijr Vs 95}

Imaam ibn Katheer mentions concerning the verse:

Carry out what you have been commanded..” {Suratul Hijr Vs 94} (Ibn Katheer states) that is carry out what you have been commanded (i.e. to convey the revelation), “..and turn away from the pagans, we will suffice you against those who mock you” {Suratul Hijr Vs 95}(Ibn Katheer states:) “That is, convey that which your lord has given you and pay no attention to the pagans, those who seek to block you from the signs of Allah (as Allah says:) “they wish that you would compromise with them, so they will compromise with you” {Suratul Qalam Vs 9} that is, do not fear them, for indeed Allah will suffice you in relation to them and protect you from them. As Allah has stated: “Oh Messenger convey that which was revealed to you from your lord and if you do not do so then you have not conveyed his message and Allah will protect you from the people” {Maa’idah Vs 67}

Allah mentions:

Indeed we know that your chest is straitened by what they say, so glorify the praise of your lord and be from those who prostrate, and worship your lord until certainty comes to you” {Suratul Hijr Vs 97-99}

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