An Amazing Hadeeth concerning the virtues of Hajj!

Bismillahi Wal hamdullillah Was Salātu Was Salāmu ‘Alā Rasūlillahi

Ammā Ba’d:

Now that we have come to the end of the performance of the Hajj rites for this year (1435/2014) the following is a beautiful hadīth concerning the virtues of the actions performed by the Hujāj throughout Hajj. The hadīth also contains a sign from the signs of prophethood.

Upon the Authority of Abdullah Ibn Umar – Radhiyallahu ‘Anhumā who said:

I was sitting with the prophet – Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Was Salam in the Masjid in Mina and a man from the Ansaar and a man from (the tribe of) Thaqeef. They both gave salaam and said: “Oh Messenger of Allah ! We have come to ask you. So he said: “If you both wish I will inform you of that which you have come to ask me or if you wish me to withhold and you ask me (instead) I will do so” so they said: ” Inform us Oh Messenger of Allah! The man from Thaqīf said to the Ansaari “Ask!” so he said: “(Indeed) Inform us oh Messenger of Allah!” so he said: ” You have come to ask me about your leaving from your homes intending the house (i.e. the Ka’bah), and about the two rak’ah after tawāf and what you have in reward for them. About your walking between Safā and Marwa and what you have in reward for it, about your standing on the day of Arafah and what you have in reward for it. About your stoning the Jimaar and what you have in reward for it, about your slaughtering and what you have in reward for it, alongside the Ifādhah (the moving from Muzdelifah to mina and then to Makkah)” So he said: “By Him who sent you with the truth, it is this that I have come to ask you about!” so he said: “As far as your leaving from our home intending the house, then your Camel does not put a foot down or raise a foot, except that Allah writes for you a good deed and a sin is expiated. As far as your two rak’ahs after tawaaf then they are equivalent to freeing a slave from the children of Isma’eel. As for your walking between Safaa and Marwa then it is equivalent to freeing 70 slaves. As for your standing on the day of Arafah then indeed Allah descends to the lowest heavens and boasts to his angels saying: “My servants have come to me dishevelled through every mountain passage hoping for my mercy, thus even if your sins were equivalent in number to the grains of sand (on earth) or drops of rain, or froth on the ocean I will forgive them. Thus leave from Arafah (to Muzdelifah, Minaa then Makka) Oh my worshippers with your sins forgiven and the sins of those who you have interceded for! As far as your stoning the jimaar then you have for every stone you throw the expiation of a sin from the deadly major sins. As for your slaughtering then it is preserved with your lord. As for your shaving your head, then you have for every hair you shave a good deed and the removal of a sin. As for your (farewell) tawaaf after this, then indeed you make tawaaf without any sin. Thereafter an angel places both his hands between your shoulder blades and says: “Work (well) in your future for certainly your past has been forgiven!”

(Collected by Tabarāni in ‘Mu’jamul Kabīr’ and Al Bazār and declared ‘Hasan (li Ghairihi) by Shaikh Albāni in ‘Sahīh Targhīb’)

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