100 Observations on Al Hajoori – 3 (31 – 106)

Bismillahi Wal Hamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaatu ‘alaa Rasoolillah

Ammaa Ba’d:

A word on these observations

It should be known that this small series was not intended to be a detailed ‘rebuttal’ of Al Hajoori, rather the intent of the series was merely to enumerate some of the many issues the people of knowledge and students of knowledge have against him, hence the title ‘Observations’. Some of these issues are major and are sufficient alone to take him outside of Salafiyah, while others may not necessarily be so, but add to the our understanding and evaluation of the individual. When one views these issues, major and minor alongside each other we get a clearer picture of who we are dealing with and perhaps his fanatics will cease belittling the refutations of our scholars and will leave alone the unfathomable fanaticism they have for him. Of course, if we were to discuss these issues in detail then this would no longer serve the purpose it was comprised for, which was just to be a concise list. As was to be expected his fanatics, blinded by love for him, have sprung to his defence and have given precedence to attacking me rather than the one who has made these evil foul statements! And then they claim to have jealousy for the deen! While I appreciate their supplications for my guidance, I do ask the question would we have seen this speedy response if this series was against anyone else from those attributed to knowledge who, it turns out, are not from its people?? but is anything else to be expected from one nurtured upon the understanding the Haq revolves around one man who must be defended by any means necessary? Wallahul musta’aan

More examples of His unbefitting speech

31.His statement concerning female soldiers He says in ‘Hasdul Adillah’ P75

“I don’t know where the jealousy of the guardians of these women is, or maybe they are just a bunch of abandoned children, women who are the result of free mixing in universities, thus the fruit of this is what is indicated by the statement of the messenger – Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Was Salam – “The child of fornication is the worst of the three” … he goes on to mention on page 79
and it is known that if a woman becomes a soldier then what stems from that is that she will be alone with soldiers because it is a must that she obeys her superior …and perhaps he will command her to lay down and sprawl out on the floor and crawl upon her hands and knees, and he may strip her of her clothes and she may have to shower with cold water on a cold night…so what do you think the outcome will be Oh guardian with this miskeenah! …what is to be expected of you daughter or your sister with this ‘absolute obedience’?? He may even lock her in a concealed room…so what do you expect Oh Pimp! When your daughter has to go out to carry out her ‘duties’ with the auxiliaries! Or other than her, with that man who would have likely followed her around on the streets much less have his hunted game come to him in his pen, this would be considered easy prey! So what do you expect Oh pimp!“

32.He mentions in the lecture ‘Asillatu Ahli Yareem when he was asked about working in The Office of criminal research in the investigations department:

For you to come out of a sewer of urine and faeces is lighter than for you to come out of this department! To be soiled in urine and faeces from you head to your toes is lighter than to be soiled by this lowly despicable job! Investigators are from the greatest liars among the people! For that reason many in authority do not trust these investigators! It turns people into spies! Spies who have spies over them! And over those spies are spies! Because they all know they are liars!.. The spy comes to every person in their form! He comes for example to the one who sell tomatoes in the form of a tomato seller and to the one who sell potatoes in the form of a potato seller and among the student of knowledge as a student of knowledge, and among homosexuals as an effeminate Gay! Wallahi to this level! And in order to be a spy he must let them do what they wish to him! So that he may report that people are carrying out Homosexual acts!

Is this the speech of the Aalim?

Examples of his lies

Shaikh Ubaid Al Jaabiri

He claims in the lecture ‘Asilatu Ashaabul Luhaj’

33. “He (Shaikh Ubaid) sees that Abul Hasan is not an innovator” !!

Shaikh Ubaid mentions in The lecture ‘Maraahilunaa ma’ Abil Hasan’: “Indeed the man is not from Ahlus Sunnah in his manhaj His Manhaj is corrupt, that which I am certain of is that he is a pure Ikhwaani, plotter who plays games a plant amongst the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah and the students of knowledge in Yemen in order to split their ranks and to make them groups and parties!”

34. “He sees that Qutb is not an innovator! Qutb himself is not an innovator!? Qutb!? He (Shaikh Ubaid) says: ‘I don’t declare him an innovator but he is misguided!(Here) He contradicts himself! This is what is widespread from him!

While shaikh Ubaid In ‘Al eedaah Wal Bayaan ‘an haali Muhammad Hassaan’: “Sayyid Qutb is the carrier of the banner of takfeer in this era without doubt!”

He likewise said in ‘Ar Radd ‘alaa badhi qawaa’idi ‘Ali Al Halabi Al Faasidah’: “Our older brother Ash Shaikh Rabee’ has precedence in exposing the Imaams of misguidance and unearthing their corrupt Aqeedah and methodology and from them the Egyptian Ibn Qutb!”

35. His lies false oaths

Like his statement concerning abdur Rahmaan Al Adani:

Wallahi he will never become an Aalim! I swear by my lord! He himself has no concern for knowledge!

Or like his statement about the markaz of fuyoosh:

Wallahi there is no da’wah in Fuyoosh that is beneficial to Islam and the Muslims in Fuyoosh! I swear by my lord!

His statements against the people of knowledge

36. His statement against Imaam Al Barbahaari!

He states in the lecture ‘Al Qawl Al Jalee’

I know that Al Barbahaari has a takfeeri Inclination!”

37. His statement concerning the Imaamul Mujadid Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahaab

“He is a Mujadid – May Allah have mercy upon him – even though this is the case, he had no concern for declaring Ahaadeeth authentic or weak. Either because he was busy with affairs or because he just wasn’t strong in hadeeth…as for hadeeth then he didn’t have much knowledge or experience in it – May Allah have mercy upon him, the one who reads his books will have no doubt about that, whoever wants to be bigoted towards him then let him do so!”

Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al ‘Abaad mentioned in defense of Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahaab against the claim that he had no knowledge in Hadeeth:

His striving in the knowledge of Hadeeth and his concern with it is clear, one of the clearest evidences of that is this collection (of his) of four thousand six hundred hadeeth, wherein he mentions the speech of the scholars (of hadeeth) and mentions those who have collected the hadeeth, and the statements of the scholars concerning the verdict upon the hadeeth and similarly his other books (ie bear witness to this) all of this indicates his concern with hadeeth…Many of the Ulamaa are acquainted with many Ahaadeeth and ignorant of many but that doesn’t affect their knowledge and this is known through the ages… The early scholars wrote books and from the scholars were those who passed the verdict upon some of that with authenticity and upon some with weakness. Al Mundhiree and his books ‘At Targheeb Wat Tarheeb has many Ahaadeeth, the majority is authentic while in it are ahaadeeth that are weak, thus if there are ahaadeeth that are weak found in the works of As Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahaab that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t an ‘Aalim in Hadeeth…”

38. Him statement concerning the permanent fatwa committee of Saudi Arabia

He says in the lecture ‘Tabyeen Al Kadhib Wal Meen

“I say to my brothers indeed ‘Fathul Baari’ in our opinion is vaster and is considered a treasure… but we are ardent about evidence! You will come across ‘Fathul Baari’ and find the issue with its evidence, then you come across the fatwa of the Ulamaa, the companions of the committee (i.e the fatwa committee of Saudi Arabia) and they may say: “No! This is not sound! Or this is sound or they may possibly say such and such hastily (!) or such and such, thus you are in need of evidence. Al Haafidh (Ibn Hajr) is a stronger scholar of Hadeeth! No one from the companions of the committee will dispute that…”

39.His statements about the land of the Two Harams

He states:

“..so Hizbiyah has overcome the two Haram and other than the two Harams in Saudi! Hizbiyah is dominant in that land…”

40. His statement concerning the Islamic University of Madina

“ Our brother Abdullah Al Ashmoori they made things difficult for him to the extent they expelled him from the University, they made things hard for him because he was Salafi speaking the truth! (Note: Abdullah Ashmoori was a classmate of mine in the faculty of Hadeeth and was very shy and quiet and not outspoken at all! AH) he wrote books and by Allah they made things difficult for him and expelled him they used various means against him! And til this day if a clear salafi goes there and they see he is salafi they try to make things difficult for him. It is not possible to enter the Hizbi Islamic University, the Islamic University is purely Hizbi! Yes there are Salafis but they are strangers!

(Note: While yes there are people of hizbiyah in the University (just as in Daamaaj Historically there have been Hizbiyoon teaching!) to refer to it as a ‘Hizbi University is oppression)

He also said: “We do not advise with studying in it…”

41. His statement concerning shortening the prayers without observing a particular time period for doing so

In the lecture Al Kadhib Wal Meen’:

This is this is the school of thought of Iblees! this is the school of thought of shaytaan, Iblees

Even though there are a number of Imaams who hold the position from them Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen!

His Ill, evil statements against the scholars of the Sunnah

Shaikh Rabee’

In the lecture ‘asilatu shabaabi Masjidil Istiqaamah fil Hudaidah’ he mentions concerning the Shaikh:

42. He accuses the Shaikh of splitting the salafis of Yemen into Salafis of the North and Salafis of the South

43.He accuses him of being an opponent of the people of Haq and biased towards and in favour of the people of falsehood and that he encourages the people of falsehood against the da’wah

If someone comes to him from Dammaaj he leaps at them like a lion, he makes them tremble and his face changes and his lips tremor from his severe anger

44.He accuses him of being one who plots

45.He claims that anyone who visits the shaikh then he returns afflicted and under trial and wavering and unstable

46.His alienation and obstruction of Dammaaj will not benefit him in the Dunya or the hereafter

47.That he and As Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahaab intend nothing but to keep the majority with them

48.In the book of Hasan Ar Raimi ‘At Tawdeeh limaa yashtamiluhu Kalimatu Muhammad Al Imaam minat Tasreeh’ a book that he advises should be spread and circulated it mentions on Page 5:

It is upon our Shaikh Rabee’ to fear Allah and hasten to make taubah from these ugly actions!’

Shaikh Ubaid (there are more than 30 statement of evil against this scholar of the Sunnah! from them):

49. Hizbi
50. Faajir (evil Sinner)
51. Upon him are the signs of hypocrisy
52. A lying Hizbi
53. A Dajaal from the Dajaajilah
54. Misguided deviant
55. A man who causes corruption
56. An enemy of the Sunnah
57. Abandoned
58. A fool
59. An Idiot
60. blind in sight and foresight
61. An empty individual
62. An Unknown Individual
63. His speech is like an old woman breaking wind (!)
64. One splitting the ranks of the da’wah Salafiyah
65. Confused, resembling one deranged
66. Armour for the people of Hizbiyah
67. Allah has placed no barakah in his life!
68. A lost individual!
69. One causing corruption
70. Heresy is feared for him
71. He became misguided in his old age
72. May Allah disgrace Ubaid the way he disgraced Shaytaan!! (and other statements!)

When Shaikh Rabee’ The carrier of the Banner of Jarh Wa ta’deel (disparaging and praising individuals, as Shaikh Al Albaani referred to him) was asked about shaikh Ubaid and whether his is an ‘Aalim or student of Knowledge alone he said:

Wallahi the one who dispraises him and says “he is Jaahil (Ignorant) this individual follows the path of the Shayaateen, and the way of the people of Hizbiyah in dispraising the scholars of the Sunnah Shaikh Ubaid is from the most Noble of the scholars of the Salafis well known for piety, abstention from the Dunya and speaking the truth Baarakallahu Feekum and no man who seeks the face of Allah speaks ill of him! This way (of speaking) we have observed it from the people of Hizbiyah!”

(A lecture he delivered to the brothers of Manchester (ninth of Dhul Hijjah 1425)

His statements concerning (His teacher) Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahaab Al Wasaabi – Hafidhahullah
Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahhaab Al Wasaabi – Hafidhahullah was the first of the scholars to declare Al Hajoori an innovator

Shaikh Muqbil said concerning him

Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahhaab is the shaikh of tawheed and hadeeth and fiqh and noble character and abstention from the dunya and piety and he is a merciful cultivator and one who calls to the unity of the Muslims, one who warns against evil hizbiyah, the one who is patient upon poverty and difficulty. He is wise in his da’wah and loves the salaf of this Ummah and hates the people of bid’ah in accordance to his bid’ah….”

Shaikh Muhammad Al Imaam said about him in his lecture ‘Da’watu Ahlis Sunnah in Yemen’:

As far as our father The Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahhaab – Hafidhahullah then I knew him as a shaikh before I even began seeking knowledge! I knew of him as a scholar calling to Allah facing and confronting fitan warning against misguidance, fictitious falsehood and forms of shirk…”

Al Hajoori himself said about him in his book ‘Tabaqaat’

The Shaikh The Noble one, The firmly established, the one who practices abstention from the dunya, The patient, the Aalim, the respected and revered..”

(Note: I remember hearing in the 90’s from the misguided extreme Faalih Al Harbi – May Allah guide him (prior to him being refuted by the scholars) bearing in mind that he was one that rarely praised anyone! “If there is a true Aalim in Yemen after Shaikh Muqbil then it is Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahaab!”)

But when he criticized Al Hajoori we saw the many ill statements against him, from them:

73. Shaikh Muhammad is a Kadhaab (liar)
74. Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahaab is Abdur Rahmaan Adanee’s boy!
75. Deviant!
76. Shaikh Muhammad – May Allah guide him – has become a toy in the hands of the empty ones
77. Dajaal!
78. One who harms the da’wah As Salafiyah
79. Opening a door of evil upon himself
80. Is from the people of Falsehood
81. Shaikh Muqbil renewed (i.e. the affairs of the deen) while this one (Shaikh Muhammad) he has destroyed everything he built!
82. Muhammad Ibn Abdil Wahaab Brothers Wallahi he wants Ahlus Sunnah to be like soofis!
83. He wishes to put the light of Allah out!
84. One who opposes the da’wah As Salafiyah
85. His saliva has poured out all over the dunya!
86. He has a doctorate in Provocation
87. He is adamant about causing fitna
88. It is as though he is a student of Abdullah ibn ubay Ibn Salool (The leader of the hypocrites at the time of the prophet Sallallahu Alaihi was Salam!)
89. A carrier of the banner of Shaytaan90. The older he gets the greater his fitna becomes!

91. We know your weakness in knowledge in your writings, in your lectures and in your da’wah!

His statement concerning Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Haadi

92. The Man is jealous!
93. Transgressor
94. A liar
95. His doctorate could have been authored by our small students of knowledge
96. The people know you people are bigoted and people who cause fitna within the da’wah As Salafiyah in Yemen, May Allah kill you!
97. He says about me that I am a fool! As though I am one that follows prostitutes in the street! You are the fools you are the evil liars! You are the transgressors, you are the oppressors, you are the one who have split the da’wah, and the supplication of the righteous shall reach you Oh evil doers! You are the ones that have arrogance and haughtiness (See ‘Mushaahadaati fee Damaaj P19-20)

His speech concerning Ash Shaikh Abdullah Al Bukhaari (As is in the lecture ‘Naseehah li Abdullah Al Bukhaari)

98. His speech is like unto the speech of the deranged one
99. Coward
100. Juwaihil (Little ignorant one)
101. Fool
102. Insolent/ Shameless
103. Bukhaari has ‘Tabakkhar, Tabakkhar (i.e. has become vapour or smoke!)
104. Bukhaari is the tail of Ubaid!
105. Slap Bukhaari! Slap him! (Iltamoo Bukhaari Iltamoohu!)
106. May you perish Oh Bukhaari as the hands of Abu Lahab perished!

From the scholars he has spoken ill of:

As Shaikh Abdul Azeez Aali Shaikh the Mufti of Saudi Arabia (And referred as one who doesn’t know who is around him from the people of Hizbiyah

Ash Shaikh Saalih Aali As Shaikh describing him as being upon the way Of Ikhwaanil Muslimeen and that he has torn away from the Salafis and that he is a blind follower of Qardaawi!

He spoke ill of Shaikh Ahmad An Najmi

He spoke ill of Shaikh Muhammad Farkoos of Algeria

And Allah’s aid is sought!

Wallahu A’lam

A note on point 13: https://ah-sp.com/2013/07/04/100-observations-against-al-hajoori-point-13/

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