An update on the condition of Shaikh Zaid Al Madkhali – Shafaahullah (27 Ramadhan 1434 (5/8/2013))

Bismillahi wal Hamdullillah Was Salaatu Was Salaamu ‘ alaa Rasoolillahi

Ammaa Ba’d

From the grace of Allah and his concern (for his servant) and then the continued attention of his royal highness prince Muhammad Ibn Naasir, the prince of the region of Jaazaan, and the concern of a dedicated medical consultancy team, the examination, cardiographic (heart), Renal (kidney) scan and full internal X-ray of Shaikh Zaid have been carried out along with all other necessary tests and intricate checks by consultants and specialists, and he has now been allocated his own V.I.P wing (within Saamitah General Hospital )

We give you, and all who love (the shaikh) and at the head of them Our Noble father, the Allaamah, Shaikh Rabee’ who, by Allah, has contacted me on numerous occasions asking about the condition of the Shaikh and making dua for his hasty recovery, the glad tidings that his condition has improved and he has now started speaking. I informed him of the fact that Shaikh Rabee’ conveys his salaam and makes dua for him.He was happy about that and made dua for him (in return). I informed him that his students and those who love him have asked concerning him and have supplicated for him, to which he responded I thank them for showing me love, convey my Salaams to them!

Written by Fawaaz Al Madkhali


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