Addressing Anjem Choudhury: Part 1

Bismillahi Wal Hamdullillah Was Salaatu Was Salaamu ‘Alaa Rasoolillahi

Ammaa B’ad:

Undoubtedly from the trials faced by the Muslims in the west, are those trials that the individual muslim undergoes, then there are the trials that occur at the hands of oppressors within the Ummah that are more general and affect more than the perpetrators themselves.

Allah the most high says:

And fear the affliction which affects not in particular those of you who do wrong (but it afflicts good and bad people)

(Suratul Anfaal Vs 25)

From the greatest examples of this type of trial is that which is witnessed by Muslims and non-Muslims in the west alike, being promoted by deviant khaariji individuals and groups.

Maybe one of the most bothersome for citizens of Great Britain is that which has come from Anjem Choudhury and his organisation.

In a relatively recent document produced by him and his group, we see various examples of his misrepresentation of Islaam, the Muslims in general and the Muslim creed, the like of which is harms Muslims before it harms anyone else.

Analysis of the document brings to light the Ignorance, destructive misunderstanding and at times the outright treachery, lies and deception of this individual and his group.

The reality then of this individual and his group is that they are nothing but another modern day manifestation of the prophesized khawaarij the messenger of Allah – Sallallahu Alaihi was Salam spoke of.

The Messenger of Allah mentioned as occurs in a hadeeth in Saheeh Al Bukhaari, the hadeeth of Abu Sa’eed Al Khudree – Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu wherein the Messenger – Sallallahu alaihi Was Salam described a people who were to come who would ‘..recite the Qur’aan but it will not go past their throats, they will pass through the religion the way an arrow passes through its game, they will kill the people of Islaam but leave the people of Idol worship..”

We see then that the Messenger mentioned that from their characteristics is that they will ‘kill the people of Islaam and leave alone the people of Idol worship’. Our scholars mention though, that the Khawaarij that succeeded this early band of khawaarij went on to kill muslims and non muslims alike. From the sects of khawaarij that have manifested there is a sect known as the ‘An-Najdaat’ which was from the earliest groups of the khawaarij, they began to view as lawful the blood of Ahludh Dhimma (non Muslims living under the Islamic state) as Shahrastaani states in Al Millali Wan Nihal (P124). Likewise another group known as the Sufriya deemed it permissible to indiscriminately kill Muslims and Non Muslims. Imaam Ibn Hazm states: “A group from among the Sufriya held it compulsory to kill whoever they were able whether Muslim or Non Muslim..” (Al Fisal 4/190). Thus their killing became indiscriminate not long after their initial appearance, and this trait has continued with them until the present day.

There is no doubt then, that what we all recently witnessed, from the brutal murder of lee Rigby in Woolwich London carried out by Khaariji Mujaahid (Michael) Adebolajo, was nothing but another manifestation of this very evil ideology. Regardless of how we feel about events in our countries the act was ‘Haraam’ and no one should feel that ‘it serves them right’ or they are now receiving ‘a taste of their own medicine’ for when has an act of haram ever been praiseworthy? Hajaaj bin Yusuf not only took life but he killed Sahabah yet it would have been Haraam for an individual to take it upon himself to kill him due to that.

From the well known groups of early khawaarij we have those who were known as the Qa’diyah. They were those who sat back (Qa’adoo) and encouraged others to revolt and kill and were from the most evil of them.

There is no doubt that in our time and country Anjem Choudhury is at the head of them (i.e The Qa’diyah) Thus when he was questioned about the Woolwich murder carried out by someone he had nurtured, he expressed that he was ‘Shocked’ by the murder but refused to condemn it. Any Muslim would have hastened to condemn the murder, if only on the basis that it was haram, but Amjem refuses to do so which of course implies tacit approval. And perhaps the only reason he was ‘shocked’ was due to the fact that he and his group have historically in the U.K been a group of ‘Qa’diyah’ it then perhaps shocked him that someone actually did something for once, though he clearly did not disapprove.

This then is the first part of a brief discussion of some of the points Anjem Choudhry makes in a relatively recent article him and his group produced called ‘Islamic Prevent’ wherein he states that which he holds every muslim, particularly those in the U.K should be maintain.

This Individual and his group have been responsible for bringing nothing but Fitnah, corruption, turmoil and hardship to our midst! Due to their actions brothers have been attacked, sisters abused and unveiled (or even made to strip in one case!) legislation affecting Muslims tightened, travel made difficult and sometimes humiliating, Articles, books and blogs written in ridicule of Islaam, the da’wah affected, Masaajid, The houses of Allah firebombed and burnt to the ground, and our elderly killed.  Will they then not reflect upon the blessing of peace and security mentioned in the book and the sunnah.

The Blessing of peace and security

There is no doubt that peace and security and public safety is indeed a great blessing. It is a blessing that is enjoyed by the rich, the poor, the young, and the old, both male and female. Even the creatures and animals benefit from it. By way of Allah blessing us with security we are able to establish the Salaah (Prayer), populate the Masaajid (Mosques),the Ulamaa and students of knowledge are free to bring benefit, Tawheed is established, good is enjoined, evil is prohibited, the bonds of kinship are easily maintained, the pathways are safe, students of knowledge are able to travel to obtain knowledge, oppression is repelled and the wealth, property, honour and blood of the people is protected.

And indeed Allah has warned us against Fitan (the plural of fitna lit: trials/afflictions) particularly the like of which encompass the people in general.

Allah the most high says: “And fear the fitna (trial/affliction)that does not affect the oppressor alone” (Suratul An’aam Vs 25)

that is it affects the oppressor and perpetrator of crime and other than him.

And indeed Allah the most high mentioned the affair of public security being from the reasons why they should establish worship to him alone as he is the one who as blessed them with it among other things.

Allah the most high says: “..We cause the (Quraish) caravans to set forth safe in winter and in Summer, so let them worship the lord of this house (the Ka’bah in Makka. (He) who has fed them in hunger and granted them safety from fear” (Suratul Quraish Vs 2-4)

Indeed the prophet of Allah has said: “Whoever wakes up in security with his herd (of cattle), healthy in his body, possessing sustenance for his day, then it is as though he has the whole world in its entirety as his possession” (Authentic: Collected by At Tirmidhi 2346)

When security has the station that it does, Abraham – Alaihis Salaam gave it precedence in the supplication that he made for the future inhabitants of Makka.

Allah the most high says: “And when Ibraaheem said “Oh my lord make this land (Makka) secure and provide sustenance for its people…”(Suratul Baqarah:126)

Similarly Islam with its various rulings and legislations has come to protect that which is known as the ‘Durooriyaatul khams’ (the five major major necessities that Islam has been sent to protect) namely: the religion, ones person, the intellect, the lineage and ones wealth) For indeed the affair of mankind in this world is as the messenger (saw) has informed us, resemblant to a ship that the people are in. Those on the lower deck of the ship intend to make a hole in the boat which will result in all of them sinking in the boat and so it is the duty of rest of those on board to stop them from their intent so as to save all of those aboard.

Therefore whosoever opens a door from the doors of fitan it is the duty of every Muslim to close it and to prevent that even if they intend good or feel these actions are justified. Thus what is ultimately looked at is the outcome of those actions and the path being followed and not the fact that the one who carries them out have good intent. For intent alone doth not a good action make.

Thus we will address some of the ideas of Anjem Choudhury and his group hoping this will highlight the evil of this man and his call.

I initially called it Addressing soundly, the corruption of Anjem Choudhury, his transgressions of the boundaries and his foolishness and floundery’ or alternatively ‘Addressing Anjem Choudhury’ and I ask Allah to make it sincerely for his face.

Wa Billahit Tawfeeq

Abu Hakeem


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