Benefits related to our last tafseer lesson (4/3/2013)

Bismillahi Wal Hamdullillah Was Salaatu Was Salaamu ‘Alaa Rasoolillahi

Ammaa Ba’d:

Since todays (11/3/2013) lesson in tafseer has been cancelled, I mention here some brief benefits related to last weeks lesson that were not discussed due to time constraints .

Allah the most high says:

Oh Children of Israa’eel remember the blessings I bestowed upon you..” (Suratul Baqarah Vs 40)

Imaam Ibn Katheer mentions (1/151) with a chain of narration going back to Ibn Abaas that:

“(The name) Israa’eel is like your statement ‘Abdullah’

Imaam Abd Ibn Humaid mentions with a chain of narration going back to Ibn mas’ood who said:

Ilyaas is (another name for) Idrees, and Ya’qoob is Israa’eel

Allah the most high states:

And fear none but me” (Vs 40)

Ibn Abbaas said:

“Lest there come upon you that which befell your forefathers of Allahs wrath and retribution, mutation being from that (Allah transformed some of them into Pigs and Monkeys as a punishment upon them)”

Allah the most high mentions:

And believe in what I have sent down (This qur’aan) confirming that which is with you and be not the first to disbelieve therein..” (Suratul Baqarah Vs 41)

Imaam At tirmidhi mentions his chain of narration going back to Ibn Abaas who said: ” The Jews came to the Messenger of Allah and they said “Oh Abal Qaassim! Inform us about thunder what is it? He replyed:

An Angel from the angels who is responsible for the clouds, he has with him bolts of fire that he drives the clouds with wherever he wills” so they said: “So what is this noise we hear (i.e. thunder)? He replied: “It is him rebuking them as he drives them, so as to cause them to arrive at the goal he intends (for them)” (in a variant version it mentions that his response was: “It is his voice“) so they responded: “You have spoken the truth!”

So they asked him: “Then inform us what it was that Israa’eel made prohibited upon himself? (a reference to the statement of Allah the most high: “All food was lawful for the children of Israa’eel other than what Israa’eel made unlawful for himself before the taurah was revealed (Surah Aali Imraan Vs 93) he responded:

He was suffering from sciatica and there was nothing he could find reponsible for it other than him consuming camels meat and camels milk, for this reason he made it prohibited upon himself” they said: “You have spoken the truth!

(Collected by Imaamut Tirmidhi in his ‘Sunan’ and declared Saheeh’ in ‘Saheeh Sunanit Tirmidhi (2492))

Indicating that which the Jews were upon from rejection of the truth.

(As a side benefit, in this hadeeth is evidence that the prophets understood that some bodily ailments are diet related)

Allah the most high states:

“..And do not be the first to disbelieve therein” (Baqarah Vs 41)

Ibn Abaas – Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu mentioned:

While you possess of knowledge that which others do not

Allah the most high says:

And mix not truth with falsehood..” (Baqarah Vs 42)

Qatadah – Rahimahullah said:

Do not mix Judaism and Christianity with Islaam, for indeed the religion of Allah is Islaam, while Judaism and Christianity are Innovations and not from Allah”

Waallahu Ta’alaa a’lam


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