From the benefits of seeking forgiveness for the believers

Indeed from that which Allah has informed us concerning the way of the prophets and the messengers is that Allah has mentioned them making dua for the believers.

Allah informs us concerning Nuh (Noah) that he supplicated:

My Lord, Forgive me and my parents and him who enters my house believing, and believing men and believing women: and do not increase the unjust in anything but destruction” (Suratun Nooh Vs 28)

Similarly Allah mentions concerning Ibraaheem that he supplicated:

My Lord, Forgive me and my parents and the believers on the day of reckoning” (Suratul Ibraaheem Vs 41)

Additionally the seal of the messengers Muhammad – Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam – was commanded with the same:

Know that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, then seek forgiveness for your sin and (seek forgiveness) for the believers male and female..” (Suratul Muhammad Vs 19)

The Virtue of making dua and seeking forgiveness for ones brother

On top of the prophets and messengers being commanded with it, there are a number of Ahaadeeth that establish for us its virtue.

From them:

Imaam Muslim collects in his ‘Saheeh’ (2733) upon the authority of Safwaan ibn Abdillah ibn Safwaan (the husband of ‘Ad Dardaa’ the daughter of Abu Dardaa) who said:

“I travelled to Shaam and went to visit Abu Dardaa in his home but I didn’t find him, but I did find Ummu Dardaa who asked me:

Do you intend Hajj this year? So I responded: “Yes” so she said “Then make dua for us with good for indeed the messenger – Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam used to say:

The supplication of a muslim for his brother, made in his brothers absence is answered! At his head there is an angel consigned to him. Every time he supplicates for his brother with good the angel says: “Ameen! And for you is its like!” (Saheeh muslim Hadeeth no# 2733)

Imaamun Nawawi mentions concerning the statement:

‘..made in his brothers absence’

“That is, made in the absence of the one who is being supplicated for, and done in secret since that is more profound in terms of sincerity.” (the explanation of Saheeh Muslim 17/49)

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al Uthaimeen mentioned:

“..Thus the angel says ‘Ameen’ to your dua when you supplicate for your brother in his absence and says: “for you is its like!” which indicates the virtue of this practice. Though this relates to the one that does not request from you to make dua for him.” (Explanation of Riyaadhus Saaliheen 4/73)

If that wasn’t reason enough, then we have the following Hadeeth that establishes the virtue of making dua for the believers generally.

Upon the authority of Ubaadah ibn Saamit who said:

“I heard the prophet – Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam say:

Whoever seeks forgiveness for the male and female believers, Allah writes for him a good deed per male and female believer!”

(Collected by At Tabaraani in musnadush Shaamiyeen 3/234 hadeeth no# 2155 and declared Hasan by sheikh Al Albaani in Saheeh al jaami’ 6026)

May Allah forgive the believers male and female, the living from among them and those who have passed away.

Wa Sallallahu ‘alaa Nabiyinaa Muhammad


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