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A beneficial sitting with Shaikh Rabee’ ibn Haadi

Bismillah was salaatu was salaamu ‘alas rasoolillahi

Ammaa Ba’d;

Alhamdullillah I have not long left the house of our Shaikh rabee’ ibn Haadi Al Madkhali – Hafidhahullah – he had a sitting with students of knowledge from various countries around the world who have come for Hajj from Libya, Yemen, Algeria and elsewhere.

The gathering was full as usual and our shaikh made dua for those who had performed Hajj that Allah accept it from them.

He went on to advise concerning a number of affairs. He spoke about fitna, Taqwa, and Tawassul among other things.

The shaikh’s health seems good considering the ailments he has alhamdullillah and he appeared almost as vibrant as he was when I used to study with him in the 90’s in Madina.

I spoke to him after his admonition, he greeted me and I conveyed the salaam of the people of Sunnah in the Uk to him.

He replied to the salutations and then said ‘May Allah reward you brothers immensely due to your loss of Daawood then He said ‘Inshallah he is from the shuhadaa! (martyrs)

I remember him saying in the past about Daawood: ‘I love him more than I love my own son!’

May Allah continue to preserve our Shaikh Rabee-us Sunnah, one of the vanguards of the manhajus Salafi in our time


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