Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

May Allah have mercy on them both

Bismillahi wal Hamdullillah was Salaatu was Salaamu ‘alaa rasoolillah

Amaaa Ba’d

News has just reached us of the death of our Noble brother, teacher and companion for many years Abu Talha Dawood ibn Ronald Burbank and his wife while upon a journey for the Hajj. They were both in the state of Ihraam, in the middle of performing this great pillar of Islaam. This brings to mind the hadeeth of the messenger of Allah wherein a man was brought to the messenger of Allah who had died from falling from his riding beast while in the state of ihraam so the messenger said:  “Shroud him in the two cloths of Ihraam and wash him with water and sidr and do not cover his head. For indeed Allah will raise him on the day of Judgement making Talbiyah’ (Collected by Abu Daawood and others and declared Saheeh by Shaikh Al Albaani in saheeh Abi Daawood)

We ask Allah to bless our brother and Ustaadh and his family with that for indeed his great efforts in the da’wah and in spreading Islaam and the Sunnah in the west are well know just as we ask that he showers them with his mercy and forgiveness and facilites ease for his children and offsprings Ameen


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