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Shaikh Ubaidallah Al Afghaani passes away- May Allah have mercy upon him

The distressing news has just reached me of the death of our Shaikh and teacher Shaikh Ubaidallah ibn Ataa Al Afghaani – Rahimahullah.

Our Shaikh was from the well known proficient reciters of the qur’aan and would sit morning, noon and night in the prophets masjid or in Masjid Abi Bakr As Sideeq to teach the book of Allah. during my time in Madina I read to some of the well known reciters in Madina (From them Abdullah ibn Iwadh al Juhanee – Imaamul Haram) but by Allah the greatest benefit I took was from shaikh Ubaidallah – Rahimahullah.

The shaikh was well known for his concentration upon the (tahqeeq) perfection of the recitation of certain letters particularly the letter Dhaad (He would often keep students on Suratul Faatiha for up to two weeks due to it!), and our Shaikh has written a book just upon this letter just as he would give us a three tape set around the perfection of dhaad.

Our shaikh made us realise the difference between recitation that may sounds sweet to the untrained ear but lacks correct implimentation of the rules of tajweed and recitation.

Well known for his White Afghani Turban Large dark glasses and henned beard he spent his life sitting for the tulaab, teaching the book of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala he was 82 years old when he passed away. May Allah shower him with his mercy and forgiveness

Wa Sallallahu ‘alaa Nabiyinaa Muhammad


From the benefits of seeking forgiveness for the believers

Indeed from that which Allah has informed us concerning the way of the prophets and the messengers is that Allah has mentioned them making dua for the believers.

Allah informs us concerning Nuh (Noah) that he supplicated:

My Lord, Forgive me and my parents and him who enters my house believing, and believing men and believing women: and do not increase the unjust in anything but destruction” (Suratun Nooh Vs 28)

Similarly Allah mentions concerning Ibraaheem that he supplicated:

My Lord, Forgive me and my parents and the believers on the day of reckoning” (Suratul Ibraaheem Vs 41)

Additionally the seal of the messengers Muhammad – Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam – was commanded with the same:

Know that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, then seek forgiveness for your sin and (seek forgiveness) for the believers male and female..” (Suratul Muhammad Vs 19)

The Virtue of making dua and seeking forgiveness for ones brother

On top of the prophets and messengers being commanded with it, there are a number of Ahaadeeth that establish for us its virtue.

From them:

Imaam Muslim collects in his ‘Saheeh’ (2733) upon the authority of Safwaan ibn Abdillah ibn Safwaan (the husband of ‘Ad Dardaa’ the daughter of Abu Dardaa) who said:

“I travelled to Shaam and went to visit Abu Dardaa in his home but I didn’t find him, but I did find Ummu Dardaa who asked me:

Do you intend Hajj this year? So I responded: “Yes” so she said “Then make dua for us with good for indeed the messenger – Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam used to say:

The supplication of a muslim for his brother, made in his brothers absence is answered! At his head there is an angel consigned to him. Every time he supplicates for his brother with good the angel says: “Ameen! And for you is its like!” (Saheeh muslim Hadeeth no# 2733)

Imaamun Nawawi mentions concerning the statement:

‘..made in his brothers absence’

“That is, made in the absence of the one who is being supplicated for, and done in secret since that is more profound in terms of sincerity.” (the explanation of Saheeh Muslim 17/49)

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al Uthaimeen mentioned:

“..Thus the angel says ‘Ameen’ to your dua when you supplicate for your brother in his absence and says: “for you is its like!” which indicates the virtue of this practice. Though this relates to the one that does not request from you to make dua for him.” (Explanation of Riyaadhus Saaliheen 4/73)

If that wasn’t reason enough, then we have the following Hadeeth that establishes the virtue of making dua for the believers generally.

Upon the authority of Ubaadah ibn Saamit who said:

“I heard the prophet – Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam say:

Whoever seeks forgiveness for the male and female believers, Allah writes for him a good deed per male and female believer!”

(Collected by At Tabaraani in musnadush Shaamiyeen 3/234 hadeeth no# 2155 and declared Hasan by sheikh Al Albaani in Saheeh al jaami’ 6026)

May Allah forgive the believers male and female, the living from among them and those who have passed away.

Wa Sallallahu ‘alaa Nabiyinaa Muhammad


A beneficial sitting with Shaikh Rabee’ ibn Haadi

Bismillah was salaatu was salaamu ‘alas rasoolillahi

Ammaa Ba’d;

Alhamdullillah I have not long left the house of our Shaikh rabee’ ibn Haadi Al Madkhali – Hafidhahullah – he had a sitting with students of knowledge from various countries around the world who have come for Hajj from Libya, Yemen, Algeria and elsewhere.

The gathering was full as usual and our shaikh made dua for those who had performed Hajj that Allah accept it from them.

He went on to advise concerning a number of affairs. He spoke about fitna, Taqwa, and Tawassul among other things.

The shaikh’s health seems good considering the ailments he has alhamdullillah and he appeared almost as vibrant as he was when I used to study with him in the 90’s in Madina.

I spoke to him after his admonition, he greeted me and I conveyed the salaam of the people of Sunnah in the Uk to him.

He replied to the salutations and then said ‘May Allah reward you brothers immensely due to your loss of Daawood then He said ‘Inshallah he is from the shuhadaa! (martyrs)

I remember him saying in the past about Daawood: ‘I love him more than I love my own son!’

May Allah continue to preserve our Shaikh Rabee-us Sunnah, one of the vanguards of the manhajus Salafi in our time


He died in prayer!

Bismillahi wal hamdillillah was salaatu was salaamu alaa rasoolillah

Ammaa ba’d:

After arriving for hajj with the premier hajj group yesterday, alhamdullillah so far Allah has facilitated ease in the performance of the hajj. With the expected crowds and Hujjaaj in their millions the Hajj is now well underway.

While driving from the airport to Makka I could not help reflecting on my dear brother and companion Daawood Rahimahullah .

I thought about how Allah fulfilled for him a wish of his I remember hearing him say more than once:

‘I don’t want to die here’

It made me think about my own loved ones and how much we take them for granted.

I reflected upon the manner in which he spent his life teaching the Sunnah and spreading it and it brought to mind something mentioned in the biography of Al imaam Ash shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahaab Rahimahullah. And it is that he used to make the dua ‘Allahumma ijalnee mubaarakan’ (Oh Allah! Make me Mubarak) that is Oh Allah make me a source of blessings for those who come in contact with me.

And those who really knew him will know that he was a source of good and khair for the Muslims of the west generally, the people of Sunnah specifically.

I met a brother today from the UK in Mina who when we spoke of Abu Talha he wept and said that I was carrying out various acts today and I realised that most of what I know and practice of the Sunnah I learnt by way of Abu Talha, and the reality is that many in the west if they reflect will share the sentiment

Even after his death there is no one that knew him that I meet except that he says that this has caused him to look at himself and think about what deeds he will leave, realise how much he needs to improve and question what type of end he will have

I also spoke to his sons who are fine examples of young men upon the Sunnah not leaving the Sunnah even in adversity. From the shrouding to the movement of the body to the burial their concern has only been whether or not it has all been in accordance to the Sunnah. They were invited to the house of the deputy minister of Hajj in Saudi Arabia who gave them pieces of the Kiswa (the cloth that covers the ka’bah) for them and their siblings

As far as the our brothers Janaaza then it was honourable, having a police convoy similar to the funerals of Saudi dignitaries having more than 2 million worshippers praying over him with Ameer Naa’if being among the attendees

But possibly the profound thing that has reached me so far is what many people don’t know and that is just before the accident Daawood had started praying dhuhr in the coach and soon after (in literally seconds I’m told by the brothers who were there) it was engulfed in flames!

When they went to view the body they realised he died with his right hand over his left hand over his chest!

We ask Allah to forgive them both and bless us with a husnul khaatima (good end)

Wa sallallahu ‘alaa nabiyinaa Muhammad

Abu Hakeem


May Allah have mercy on them both

Bismillahi wal Hamdullillah was Salaatu was Salaamu ‘alaa rasoolillah

Amaaa Ba’d

News has just reached us of the death of our Noble brother, teacher and companion for many years Abu Talha Dawood ibn Ronald Burbank and his wife while upon a journey for the Hajj. They were both in the state of Ihraam, in the middle of performing this great pillar of Islaam. This brings to mind the hadeeth of the messenger of Allah wherein a man was brought to the messenger of Allah who had died from falling from his riding beast while in the state of ihraam so the messenger said:  “Shroud him in the two cloths of Ihraam and wash him with water and sidr and do not cover his head. For indeed Allah will raise him on the day of Judgement making Talbiyah’ (Collected by Abu Daawood and others and declared Saheeh by Shaikh Al Albaani in saheeh Abi Daawood)

We ask Allah to bless our brother and Ustaadh and his family with that for indeed his great efforts in the da’wah and in spreading Islaam and the Sunnah in the west are well know just as we ask that he showers them with his mercy and forgiveness and facilites ease for his children and offsprings Ameen


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